This idea has its origins from Japan. In the meantime these plants are also very popular in Europe.

Kokedama is a ball made from moss upon which a plant is growing.

Kokedamas can be presented as a hanging plant or as a decorative table ornament on a plate.

Kokedamas can also be hanged in a horizontal position or up side down.

Recently our Kokedama are 100% nylon free. The fine florist wire that hold the moos together corrodes after several waterings. Later, the entire moss ball can be planted in the garden or in a pot because only natural materials have been used.

This is a handmade, ecological natural product. Each product is unique and will be freshly made, on order, in our premises in Lucerne. Our natural materials come exclusively from sustainable origin.

The watered moss balls also have a great side effect; they are excellent humidifiers!


On request, we offer an integrated hanging device made of approx. 1.50 m flax fiber without finish so that you can individually determine and design the desired lenght. We try to place the flax fiber as centrally as possible. This hanging method is only available as a

vertical version


Care instructions


Makramé Kokedama hanger can be found here


Are you looking for a special Kokedama? let us know 


Successful crosses of small phalaneopsis hybrids and small game species result in this elegant mini orchid.

These floral elves don't like the cold. It is best to place them in a bright location with warm temeratures of 20 - 25°C and increased humidity. 

If the outside temperature is around freezing, the orchid can not be send by post. 


Dia: app. 10 - 12 cm,    high: app. 30 - 35 cm.

This is a natural product. Deviations of size and color can apply and plants grow as they please. 

Delivery without base.

Dia: app. 10 - 12 cm, high: app. 30 - 35 cm. This is a natural product. Deviations of size and color can apply and plants grow as they please. Water your Kokedama immediately after delivery acc. to our instructions.

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