Surprise yourself or a loved one regularly or just once. Simply order online fresh seasonal flowers for your very special day. To avoid waste, we do not keep stocks and creat our creations to order. We are shopping the best and freshest available flowers on a daily basis. Whenever possible we will give preference to swiss and locally sourced origin. 

  1. Choose the size. 
  2. Sizes:     Le Petit        15 stalks plus green

                     L' Idéal         20 stalks plus green

                    Le Grand      30 stalks plus green.

  3. We will deliver the flowers directly to your place or as a gift to the loved one. 

Every hand tied-bouquet will tell a new story. We are focusing on saisonal flowers. We like to invite you; let yourself being surprised anew with each composition. We promise, no bouquet will look like the previous one.

Still, if you like to introduce a particular flower or personal touch to your bouquet please keep in touch. We will be happy to discuss this with you. Our aim is for you to like your bouquet as much as we do. 

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