We want you to be happy as long as possible with your new aquisition. Here you will find a few additional hints regarding care:



The Kokedama likes a bright and warm place without direct sunlight. Direct sunlight would dry the moss out too quickly.

It is watered by immersion. The weight of your Kokedama will tell if it needs watering or not.

As a guideline you can assume following: wintertime, once a week, summertime, 2-3 times a week. These guidelines are not binding. Observe your Kokedama, every plant is unique and has individual needs. External factors such as location, temperature and humidity will also influence the needs of the plant. A Kokedama must dry (not dry out) between watering. I.e. the ball becomes light in weight and the moss feels dry. 

  • Plunge the moss ball (not the plant) in hand warm water until all air bubbles have risen. The air bubbles are only visible when the entire sphere is immersed. You don't have a suitable bucket on hand for this? In this case, place the kokedama in a bowl of water for about 15 to 30 minutes. Top up with water as needed until the moss ball stops absorbing water.
  • Place in a sieve until dripping has stopped.

The moss will change it's colour to green -- braun. This is a natural process and no reason for concerns. 

The thin metal wire will crumble after multiple irrigation and is no cause for concern. The small metal threads can be easiliy removed by pulling on them. The moss ball will not suffer any damage because it is also wrapped with a thin nylon thread. 

Please water your Kokedama as soon as it gets delivered to you according our instructions.

Ferns generally need slightly wetter soil than normal houseplants but avoid waterlogging.

Exception: with succulents and cacti, the mossball must be completely dry between the individual waterings.


Plants in natural casings:

Basicly choose a bright and warm place for your plant and protect it from draft.

Water the plants with little water. When the surface of the earth has dried out, you can water with little amount of liquid again. 

We recommend our spray bottle for easy watering of your plants in these particular casings. 

Succulents and cacti need very little water.


Fresh flower bouquet:

As soon as you have collected your bouquet you should trim the stems. Ideally with a angled cut of approx. 2 cm lenght, in order for the flowers to have a good unobstracted drink. Place your bouquet in a vase with lukewarm water. The vase should be filled by one third. After this your flowers will be happy to receive fresh cool water every 2 days. 

Choose a cool, aerated placement without direct sunlight for your bouquet. Cut flowers are sensitive and very small differences in care and placement can go a long way regarding the lifetime of the flowers. 

Our flowers have a lifetime of 5 to 7 days. If this is not the case for your bouquet contact us. Please send us a picture and a short resume of what has happened. We will give our best to help you quickly.